To encourage the Teachers to make wide search of the various teaching media of our Centre of Educational Resources so as to consolidate their pedagogic information and to enhance effective teaching performance, our Centre has offered the “Teaching media delivery service” since 31st October 2005. The object of service includes all the kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, Adult Education and Special Education Organizations in Macau.

Borrowers please mark down the information of the teaching media, fill up the “Application for Educational Technical Support” (DSEDJ-Z02), e-mail or fax it to our Centre through your own unit, or submit it to us in person. At the reception of the Application, the required items shall be delivered to the applicant in three working days. Details please check from “Teaching media delivery service” information. Queries please dial 83959101, Ms Lau Bo Lin.

“Application for Educational Technical Support” (DSEDJ-Z02) [ PDF ] [ DOC ]