Equipment to be borrowed:

Mobile audio equipment, portable video recorder, slide projector, tripod stand, screen, overhead projector, visualizer, digital voice recorder, laptops, projector, digital camera, portable multimedia storage viewer, USB memory stick, memory card, digital card reader, USB wireless network card, external DVD-writer.

  1. Panoramic camera
  2. VR Equpiment with mobile phone
  3. Memory Stick (USB)
  4. Projector
  5. External DVD-writer
  6. Wireless mouse
  7. Digital Camera
  8. Tripod stand
  9. Mobile audio equipment
  10. Visualizer
  11. Screen

Enquiry:  Mr. Fong Man Hung (Tel: 83959118)

Notes for application for borrowing equipment from the Education Resources Centre

全景攝影機 VR 設備連配套手機 VR 設備連配套手機
Panoramic camera VR Equpiment with mobile phone
投影機 數碼攝影機 腳架

Digital Camera

Tripod stand
小型流動音響 實物投影機 銀幕
Mobile audio equipment Visualizer Screen