Youth Indicators of Macao
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logoIn September 2001, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) government commissioned the research of ‘Macao Youth Indicators Profile Project’ to University of Macau. 10 areas of research (including population, marriage and family, physical and mental health, education and training, labour force and employment, cultural, leisure, recreational and sports activities, civic duties and social participation, youth crime and deviant behaviours, values, consumption and quality of life, social environment and youth policy) and 80 indicators were established in February 2003. The project also defined the age range of ‘youth’ in Macao as any individual aged between 13 and 29.

Youth Affairs Committee of Macao SAR government set up the ‘Macao Youth Indicators Profile Project’ Task Force in 2003 to follow up with every aspect of the research project and data collection. 

The Youth Indicators of Macao aims to enable the public to obtain the most up-to-date information of the Macao youth aged 13-29. Through better understanding on the interests and needs of the young people, the public can propose their ideas to the government; which can act as reference for the formulation of youth policies in the future.

There are two major research methods: 1) Data collection: statistics given by government departments and 2) Social survey: statistics collected from social surveys.

The Education and Youth Affairs Bureau welcome the users and readers of the Youth Indicators of Macao provide valuable comments and suggestions to the Bureau, so as to enhance the research project as well as the formulation of youth policies in Macao.