Introduction of the Fund

In accordance with the Law No. 9/2006 – the “Fundamental Law of Non-tertiary Education”, the Education Development Fund (hereafter “the Fund”) was set up in 2007 to support the development of non-tertiary education. The Fund is a public corporation provided with administrative, financial and property autonomy, and operates in affiliation to the Education and Youth Development Bureau (hereafter “the DSEJ”) managed by one related Administration Committee.

The Macau Special Administrative Region Government (hereafter “The SAR Government”) established the “Education Development Fund System” through Administrative Regulation No. 16/2007 in 2007 in order to effectively support and promote the launching of various developing education plans and activities of non-tertiary education, and to ensure the stability and development of education resources investment. Meanwhile, according to the article 14 of the Administrative Regulation, the financial grant system is defined by the Fund through the Chief Executive Dispatch No. 82/2008 - “Regulations of the Education Development Fund on granting financial assistance”.

To promote developing education plans and activities through subsidizing non-profit-making private education institutions of non-tertiary education, natural persons or legal persons, the core areas include:

  1. Optimization of school education planning
    Various education plans with the objectives of enhancing students’ humanistic literacy, developing their scientific research potential, fostering their critical thinking, and broadening their international perspectives.
  2. Betterment of school environment and facilities
    To build safe and hygienic school environment; to upgrade IT teaching facilities for the convenience of adopting diverse teaching methods.
  3. Improvement of school- based curriculum and teaching
    To help develop school-based curriculum with innovative methodologies and implement pilot teaching programmes for promoting students’ successful learning.
  4. Promotion of professional development of teachers
    To create opportunities for teachers’ continuous education and professional development by providing appropriate school-based trainings and individual study plans.
  5. Assurance of students’ balance development
    To strengthen students’ patriotism, organise education exchange programmes and experiential learning, carry out project learning, enrich students’ leisure time and discover students’ potential for their comprehensive development.
  6. Support of special education development
    To develop individualized education programs and provide barrier-free learning environment so that students with special education needs can learn in appropriate learning environments.
  7. Advancement of continuing education development
    To promote literature, sports, art and liberal arts trainings in order to nurture students’ attitude of lifelong learning.